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My career milestones

May, 2018

Graduated as a Computer Engineer

In May 2018, I completed my undergraduate degree, majoring in Computer Engineering from Mumbai University (Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering). And thus began my beautiful 'Computer Science' journey :)

Started working at Morgan Stanley

After 4 amazing years of Engineering, I was placed into Morgan Stanley. On 6th August, 2018 I joined as a Technology Analyst and I started with their 4-month long "Technology Analyst Program" training!

Aug, 2018

Jan, 2019

Promoted to an Associate

Soon after my training ended, I joined the Cash Confirmations team in Mumbai. As I was beginning to understand their Java-based tech stack and system, I was promoted to an Associate (SDE) role!

Recognized for 'Taking Ownership'

After completing a challenging but interesting 5-month long project, I received a department-wise recognition for 'Taking Ownerhsip'. Being the first professional project of my career, it will always be special to me!

Aug, 2019

Jan, 2020

Promoted to a Senior Associate

After a year of complex projects, tasks, challenges, numerous extracurricular and volunteering activities, I was promoted to a 'Senior Associate' (SDE) position. This was my 2nd promotion in a row! :D

Started the most complex project ever

June 2020. The month when I started the most complex project of my career (yet). I won't go into the details but if we start measuring the logical complexity of projects, 100 being the max value, this was a solid 85!

June, 2020

Jan, 2021

Promoted to a Manager!

Another year, another promotion! This one was a huge surpise. My manager knew that I was planning on leaving Morgan Stanley, but she was so impressed by my work that she promoted me to Manager (SDE) position! (3rd in a row!)

Started my MS in Computer Science

On 7th August 2021, I moved to the United States of America to pursue my Master's degree in Computer Science!! Leaving my family, my home, my country was a big leap but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Aug, 2021

May, 2022

Summer internship at Salesforce! ☁

After months of preparation, hard work and relentless leetcoding, I was able to secure a Software Engineer internship at Salesforce! It was a huge achievement for me and I have loved every moment of this internship!

Spring 2023 internship at Motorq

In my final semester of my Master's degree, I decided to pursue another Software Development Engineer internship at Motorq, Inc. This company, being startup, was a unique experience!

Jan, 2023